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lessonAn important aspect of the restructuring process from the Winter Semester 2007/2008 is the introduction of the Bachelor and Master courses of study within the Faculty of Business and Economics. Through this process, the structure and content of studies were revised and restructured. National and internationally-recognized courses of study were created with increased connections to the job market and elevated to international standards. This is accompanied by a constant improvement in study conditions and the quality of teaching. 

Furthermore, even more ground-breaking changes have been initiated in recent years. With the introduction of enrolment restrictions imposed on first-year students in 2002, the calibre of students in the Faculty of Business and Economics has been improved considerably. In comparison to the previous situation, the unfavourable student-advisor ratio has been reduced from 830 incoming students in the 2001/2002 academic year to the current maximum of 280 students for the Bachelor degree.

In addition with the newly-established student fees in the 2007 summer semester, student advisory programs have been expanded. The faculty has invested in additional student-advice services, such as mentoring and tutoring programs. Teaching can also be supplemented by strongly practice-orientated elements, such as on-site visits to companies and software training programs. Moreover, projects to enhance “social skills” have been initiated. In the future, we will strive continuously to improve the quality of teaching through regular teaching and course evaluations.

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