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CHAIR for Technology & Management

A very warm welcome to the website of our chair technology & management at the TU Dortmund University. Our professorship pushes the frontiers of understanding complex topics in the fields of innovation and technology management. In addition, we foster a deeper knowledge in entrepreneurship.

Besides teaching, we are proud to undertake research projects in various areas and to provide significant findings for the scientific community and various business practices.

This web page aims at providing you with all necessary information regarding our teaching activities, research itself as well as the chair of technology & management in general.

As of now, all information on lectures, tutorials, seminars, theses and crediting of academic achievements are to be found in the menu item “lectures”.

Special announcements:

Guest lecture by Xella on digitization and innovation Guest lecture by Wilo on digitization and innovation Presentation at Transatlantic Sync, Silicon Valley, USA R2Pi-project Workshop Transitioning to a Circular Economy Presentations at 2019’s AMA and AOM in the USCooperation with Staufenbiel 2019's EURAM Conference Gastvortrag: Hanse Ventures Trip to the BCERC in Boston Presentation of Research Results Guest Lecture: FOND OF Lehrinnovations-Award 2019Resarch Travel to Saint PetersburgResearch seminar 2017 in BarcelonaInnovation report 2017Team of TU Dortmund presents project „Lokalhelden“Team of TU Dortmund wins international case contest

Additional announcements:

Guest lectures by Xella and Wilo on digitization and innovation


04.12.2019 – As part of our masters lecture "Strategic Technology and Innovation Management" (STIM), we welcomed two guest speakers from Xella and Wilo.


Presentation at Transatlantic Sync, Silicon Valley, USA


19.11.2019 – Katrin Bauer attended the Transatlantic Sync Conference in Mountain View, CA, USA.


Presentations at 2019’s AMA and AOM in the US


02.09.2019 – Oliver, Corinna, Bastian and Tessa attended this year’s AOM and AMA conferences in the US.


Post-exam review - Technology-oriented entrepreneurship - 1. exam date


06.08.2019 – The results of the exam "Technology-oriented entrepreneurship" (1. exam date) can be found on the BOSS system.
The post-exam review is scheduled for 20 August 2019 at 10 a.m. in Mathetower / Room M811.
The post-exam review takes place under examination conditions. Please notice that participation at the exam review is only possible with a valid student ID and personal ID or passport.


Cooperation with Staufenbiel in Design Thinking

190729_Kooperation mit Staufenbiel in DT

29.07.2019 – The Staufenbiel Institute provided a guest case in the master seminar Design Thinking.


Presentations at 2019’s EURAM conference in Lisbon


02.07.2019 – Corinna, Martin and Oliver attended this year’s EURAM conference in Lisbon and presented their research findings to both scholars and practitioners.


Guest lecture of Hanse Ventures in Technology-oriented Entrepreneurship

190619_Gastvortrag HanseVentures2

19.06.2019 –
Through a guest presentation of Christoph Eggerath within the "Technology-oriented entrepreneurship" lecture our students were provided with insights into practical realization of theoretical contents.


Corinna Gerleve, Martin Ruth and Jana Schulz attended BCERC 2019 in Boston


11.06.2019 – Corinna Gerleve, Jana Schulz and Martin Ruth presented their research at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) in Boston.


Presentation of results at the EAWOP in Turin

190604_EAWOP Turin4

04.06.2019 – Corinna Gerleve and Martin Ruth presented their research at the EAWOP Congress in Turin.


Chair for Technology Management wins Lehrinnovations-Award for the second year in a row


21.05.2019 – The chair's master's course "New Product Management" was awarded the Lehrinnovations-Award in the field of internationalisation by the students' of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The prize is worth 1000 Euro and was given on the basis of an evaluation among all students.


Guest lecture on “Entrepreneurial Downsizing and Exit for Good“

190521_Gastvortrag_Fond Of2

21.05.2019 – Through a guest presentation of Nils Eiteneyer within the "Technology-oriented entrepreneurship" lecture our students were provided with insights into practical realization of theoretical contents.


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Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten

Faculty of Business and Economics

Technology Management

Vogelpothsweg 87

44227 Dortmund

Telephone: (+49)231 755-8341 


Business hours office

Monday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

For Appointment, please send an E-Mail!

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