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"Non-cooperative games with prospect theory players and dominated strategies" with Marc O Rieger Games and Economic Behavior (accepted April 1st 2019)

"Evolution and correlated equilibrium." Journal of Evolutionary Economics (2018) Vol 28 (2): 333-346. 

"Invader strategies in the war of attrition with private information." Journal of Mathematical Economics (2014) Vol 50: 160-166.

"Voronoi languages: Equilibria in cheap-talk games with high-dimensional types and few signals" with Gerhard Jäger and Frank Riedel Games and Economic Behavior (2011) Vol 73(2), doi:10.1016/j.geb.2011.03.008

Fields of Interest:

Game Theory, Evolutionary Game Theory, Learning, Information, Industrial Organization, Networks


Working Papers

Stability in Allpay Contests with Incomplete Information (simulations 1, 2)
Equilibria in games with prospect theory preferences (with Marc Oliver Rieger)
Persistent Ideologies in an Evolutionary Setting
Evolution and Correlated Equilibrium
Islands of Excellence (with Sotirios Georganas)
Anticipated Stability in Social and Economic Networks



11th SAET Conference in Faro, Portugal (2011)
Annual Meeting of the German Economic Association in Magdeburg (2009),
North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society Boston (2009) and at Duke University (2007),
European Meetings of the Econometric Society in Oslo (2011), Milan (2008) and Budapest (2007),


PhD Thesis

(2008, BGSE / Bonn University, supervised by Frank Riedel and Tymon Tatur)
Evolution in Structured Populations

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JProf. Dr. Lars Metzger
Tel.: 0231 755-3084