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Welcome to Professorship

Urban, Regional and International Economics

This is the professorship of Prof. Christiane Hellmanzik, PhD.  She is a labour and trade economist with a particular interest in creative production. Her research has covered a range of topics from agglomeration of economic activity to migration, peer effects, auctions and art markets, economic history as well as international trade of goods and services. Most of her research employs large, novel datasets based on which certain aspects of creative production can be quantified and thereby understood better. Her most recent research projects concern the role of the internet for international trade in services as well as the production by historic writers.

The professorship is responsible for the Economics education at the School of Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund University. There Prof. Hellmanzik teaches introductory courses on Micro as well as Macroeconomics and Urban and Spatial Economics. Moreover, the professorship is involved in project-based teaching where the students develop solutions for urban planning based on economic concepts. Currently, the professorship offers projects on globalisation and human capital and the knowledge economy for undergraduates as well as postgraduates.

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VWL (Urbane, Regionale und Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen) Sekretariat
Tel.: 0231 755-8341