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1. Get in touch with our Chair

E-mail the member of our team who you would like to act as your thesis supervisor. If you are not sure who to choose, e-mail Prof. Dr. Christiane Hellmanzik. She can give more information about what it is like to do your dissertation with our chair and help you decide which member of our team is the best fit to be your supervisor.

When you first contact us, it is useful to include some introductory information, such as:

  • What kind of dissertation would you like to write (BSc? MSc? Economics? Spatial Planning?)
  • Would you like to write in German or English?
  • Which courses have you taken that brought you to us in the first place?
  • What is your skill level when it comes to data analysis?
  • Which topics interest you? What do you envision working on?

2. First meeting with potential supervisor

In the first meeting, your potential supervisor will learn more about your interests/research idea. If you have not chosen a research question, we will help you develop a research agenda based on your interests. Your potential supervisor will ask questions about your research idea, such as:

    • What is your research question?
    • What is your literature anchor?
    • What theory is your work building on?
    • What data will you be using?
    • What estimation strategy will you use? (if relevant)

We know that students may want to talk to several Chairs to help figure out which potential supervisor and research idea is the best fit for them. The aim of this meeting is to help students make that decision.

3. Second meeting with supervisor

Once you decide to do your dissertation with our chair, you will meet your supervisor to discuss the registration of your dissertation and the supervision process. You may discuss topics such as:

  • When you would like to register your dissertation / a timeline for completion
  • Defining a working title for your dissertation based on your research idea
  • How often to meet, whether to work more independently or to have regular deadlines, etc.
  • Who will act a second supervisor (if relevant)
  • How you will fulfil the requirements of the Project Seminar (if relevant)

4. Future meetings with supervisor

After you have registered your dissertation, you can expect to interact with your supervisor on a regular basis following the agreed upon schedule/timeline. Your supervisor may work more closely with you in the beginning to help you develop your research idea and research plan. After that point, you can expect your supervisor to:

  • Provide guidance and help you structure your work
  • Review your on-going work and provide constructive feedback
  • Provide advise regarding your methodology
  • Set deadlines for specific tasks (as needed)
  • To structure the supervision and future meetings