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Training for a mindful organisation in order to manage and prevent crises

Achtsamkeitstraining für Organisationen zur Prävention und Bewältigung von Krisen (AktOr)


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Dipl. Soz-Wiss. Arne Maibaum, Prof. Dr. Johannes Weyer, Technology studies group, TU Dortmund
Research question

A rising complexity and its aligned risks and danger potentials confront organisations with increased challenges in terms of maintaining the security of their operational procedures. How can organisations successfully operate in environments in which small mistakes may have grave consequences?



The project is based on socioscientific findings about so-called High Reliability Organisations (HROs), namely organisations which reach a high degree of reliability, despite operating in complex environments. The project starts from the premise that operators of critical infrastructures can profit from the HRO-principles. The project's aim is to translate these principles into crisis training, which can be used as part of staff and organisational development processes in order to set up a culture of attentiveness and, as a result, to enhance the security and reliability of an organisation.

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