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Welcome to the English web presence of the Department for Technology Studies. Any information concerning Technology Studies should be available here.

Lecture at robotics conference


21.06.2017 – The department for technology studies was part of the robotics conference of the IG Metall and the institute for history and future of the work in June. In his lecture "Autonomic technology out of control?" Johannes Weyer talked about the experiences of hybrid interactions of people and autonomic technology taking the aviation as an example. The most important topics of the robotics conference were the use of robots in industry, medicine and tendance, as well as the social consequences of these changes.


Colloquium about Internet Algorithms

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20.06.2017 – On 26 June Michael Latzer from the university of Zurich will give a lecture about internet algorithms and how they affect economy, politics and the daily life. The discourse will take place from 16-18 in room P1-05-306. The audience will have the possibilty to ask questions and to discuss the topic with Michael Latzer.


Johannes Weyer about pilots and automated aircraft


27.04.2017 – On an international workshop organised by the company Lufthansa Johannes Weyer gave a lecture under the title: "Can pilots still fly?" It referred to a study about pilots' attitudes towards advanced automated aircraft.


Lecture at an university in Berlin


27.04.2017 – In March Johannes Weyer visited the free university in Berlin. At a research forum
he spoke about digital transformation.


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