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The research in the field of technology studies focuses on the social processes of the emergence, the dynamics, and the application of technology to gain an in-depth understanding of innovation trajectories.


The research puts emphasis on:

  • the social processes of the development of technology,
  • the structures of socio-technical systems as well as
  • the social impact of technology.


One concern of technology studies is to contribute to the management of innovation processes. It aims at a more efficient way of exploiting the opportunities of new technology e.g. by integrating future users, their demands and their practical know-how. Likewise it provides an insight to alternative options and scenarios of socio-technical development. Finally it develops methods of an anticipative risk management to cope with technologically induced risks.


The specific profile of Dortmund's technology studies consists of:

  • the combination of "technology and society" topics with issues of general sociological theory, such as network analysis and the micro-macro-debate,
  • the work on science policy and governance issues, e.g. regarding the role of the state in large-scale technology projects,
  • the focus on traffic and logistics systems, especially navigation, aviation and space flight, road and railway transportation,
  • the preoccupation with the innovation management in highly automated technical systems, especially regarding the handling of complexity and risk by organisations.



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