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Career Paths / Job Opportunities

A degree at the Economics and Social Sciences department in TU Dortmund with a major in Technology Studies qualifies you for a magnitude of careers including the following, and more:


Industrial and Technical Design

  • Research and development departments in industrial enterprise
  • Department for innovation management and strategic planning


Museums and Archiving

  • Museums of science and industry
  • Archiving for an enterprise


Technology Management

  • Production facilities
  • Public and private revenue
  • Evaluation and consultation facilities


Technology and Innovation Policy

  • Enterprise consultation
  • Technology transfer
  • Ethics committee
  • Competence centre


Technology and Innovation Research

  • Research facilities
  • Universities
  • Academies and institutes for technology assessment.


Printed and AV Media

  • Subject departments for Science and Technology on the radio, television and weekly/monthly magazines
  • Editorial department for subject magazines and publishers.



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Techniksoziologie Sekretariat
Tel.: 0231 755-3436



DGS-Section: Science-
and Technology Research



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