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Support Programs

From the beginning, the Faculty of Business and Economics offers students substantial support. For this reason, Bachelor students in the first and second semester are placed in a mentoring program at the start of their studies. The fact that the mentors are senior students, removes any inhibitions, and allows the students to network effectively. The established program is extremely versatile. There are informational events which address topics such as: semester schedules, accommodation and living in Dortmund, student loans and foreign languages at the university. Group visits to companies and guest lectures are also common. Students who had particularly good experiences in the mentoring program can transition from mentee to mentor after the first year of study and share their experiences with new, incoming students.

Particularly talented and dedicated students can be awarded a scholarship or receive financial assistance from support programs. The company MAN AG made 70 scholarships available in 2008.

Furthermore, the Club of Excellence, a cooperative program with local companies, university lecturers and students was launched in 2008. The program allows selected students to further develop their professional, methodological, and social competencies. For this purpose, events entailing interdisciplinary cooperation, work techniques and personal development are offered — amongst other things. Additional courses enable a targeted exchange of experiences with executives from member companies. In particular, the interdisciplinary structure of the Club of Excellence offers students and partner companies an extensive contact network as well as insight into the economic sector that goes beyond the level of theory.


Management Skills

According to the motto “fit for the job market”, the Faculty of Business and Economics offers students, in addition to regular courses, the opportunity to expand their skills and abilities through practice-oriented, additional qualifications. For example, certificates can be obtained on the application of standard systems, such as SAP R/3 and DATEV. Students can also obtain a basic knowledge of the statistical software program SPSS.

In addition, numerous guest lectures, excursions and workshops complement the theoretical training and extend it to more practical aspects. For this purpose, high-profi le speakers from the business and research sectors are regularly invited.

Further initiatives, such as the events “Students Meet Board Members”, “ThyssenKrupp Manager Cup” or the project “Marketing students in the fi eld” help students with an early career orientation and provide contact with potential employers.



Studying abroad

It is particularly necessary for the managers of tomorrow, to broaden their horizons. For this reason, it is advisable to study abroad as well as at home. The TU Dortmund currently has twenty five partnerships with universities in eleven countries. Within the Faculty of Business and Economics, through the ERASMUS program, there are eight partner universities in France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Hungary and Scotland. In planning the study-abroad program, students are supported by an internal, faculty coordination center. In addition to payment of the respective tuition fees by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), study abroad is also supported by the faculty. This is done by accrediting the appropriate courses and examinations from the various host universities.


Remain in Contact

Even after students complete their studies, the faculty remains in contact with its graduates. Professional contacts play an important part in the networking process. Accordingly, the Alumni Club WISO was established in 2002 at the TU Dortmund. The club promotes contact between current students and graduates, as well as with the faculty and university. Members use the club to renew or establish contacts. In addition, members combine an interest in the further development of the university with the advantage of exchanging experiences of the link between theory and practice. This is achieved, for example, by the series of events titled “Alumni vor Ort,” in which regular visits to companies in the greater Ruhr region take place. Also, the lecture series “Westphalian Champions” entails executives from the region being invited to give guest lectures about their professional career. 

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