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New Working Paper

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29.09.2014 – Harmut Hirsch-Kreinsen, Katrin Hahn: Financialization of Innovation - the Case of the German Industrial Innovation System, No. 39 08/2014.


New Book Publication

Buchcover "Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship In Low-Tech Industries"

28.05.2014 – Hirsch-Kreinsen, H.; Schwinge, I. 2014: Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship In Low-Tech Industries, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar


LWIS attending the DRUID 2014 Conference

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07.05.2014 – The Chair of Economic and Industrial Sociology will attend the 36th DRUID Celebration Conference in Copenhagen (16. to 18. June 2014) and will present a paper on "Smart production systems: a new type of industrial process innovation" (Prof. Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen).


Festschrift for Prof. Hirsch-Kreinsen

Cover Festschrift "Traditionell innovativ"

31.10.2013 – Abel, Jörg; Bender, Gerd; Hahn, Katrin (2013): "Traditionell innovativ".
Festschrift für Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen zum 65. Gebrutstag.
Berlin: edition sigma


New Article

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07.10.2013 – Prof. Hirsch-Kreinsen and Dr. Peter Ittermann published an article on the argumentation of John W. Budd concerning labour relations in a changing working world.
"Zur Analyse von Arbeitsbeziehungen - eine Replik auf John W. Budd", in WSI-Mitteilungen, 6 (2013).


LWIS attending the DRUID 2013 Conference

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04.07.2013 – The Chair of Economic and Industrial Sociology attended the 35th DRUID Celebration Conference in Barcelona (17. to 20. June 2013) and presented a paper on "Lowtech Research – Revisited" (Prof. Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen).


Prof. Hirsch-Kreinsen appointed to the Adviosory Committee "Industrie 4.0"

Logo Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (Acatech)

06.05.2013 – Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen is becoming a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee “Industry 4.0” for the National Academy of Science and Engineering, Germany.


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