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Stand: 2018-06-13

Kolloquium Termin Referent/in Thema
Logo WIWI BWL Brown Bag Seminar 2018-06-13
M 125
Dr. Christoph Endenich, Assistant Prof.
(ESSEC Business School, Cergy, Frankreich)

Entrepreneurial Management Control Systems – Orchestrating the Interplay of Founder-Managers, Startup Companies and Ecosystems

Despite the crucial role played by entrepreneurship in the digital age and an increasing awareness that management control systems (MCSs) can foster company growth, innovation and creativity, our knowledge about MCSs in startup companies remains very limited. Against this background, this research analyzes cross-sectional field study data composed of 48 interviews with key actors in entrepreneurial ecosystems and founder-managers of information technology-driven earlieststage startup companies. Through a theoretical lens drawing from the social construction perspective, this study highlights how MCSs foster interaction among multiple actors at the individual, organizational and societal levels of entrepreneurship. Specifically, the companies implement control packages that consist of a single dominant and multiple secondary control systems. While the dominant controls are crucial drivers of key corporate processes, serve as central platforms for storing and sharing information and strongly shape the corporate discourse, the secondary control systems take effect as part of the overall control packages analyzed. While these control packages serve multiple objectives, fostering interaction among and at the individual, organizational and societal levels is their meta-objective. Overall, this study contributes to the development of a new control paradigm emphasizing the positive role of MCSs in innovative and entrepreneurial settings.

Logo WiWi Volkswirtschaftliches Kolloquium 2018-06-25
M 125
Assistant Prof. Adam Sanjurjo, Ph.D.
(Universidad de Alicante)

A Bridge from Monty Hall to the Hot Hand: Restricted Choice, Selection Bias, and Empirical Practice

We show how classic conditional probability puzzles, such as the Monty Hall problem, are intimately related to the hot hand selection bias Miller and Sanjurjo (2018). We explain the connection by way of the principle of restricted choice, an intuitive inferential rule from the card game bridge, which we show is naturally quantified as the updating factor in the odds form of Bayes Rule. We illustrate how, just as the experimental subject fails to use available information to update correctly when choosing a door in the Monty Hall problem, we as researchers can neglect analogous information when designing experiments, analyzing data, and interpreting results.



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